Responding to demands

In order to satisfy aesthetics, quality and economics demands and professional deadlines,Valmont has structured itself and developed or integrated technologies dedicated to each type of product.

Our skills at the serviceof your creativity.

aesthetics issues

  • integration of a designer team
  • Development of its own multi-material calculation software.
  • Systematic use of 3D in engineering.
  • Mastery of the Fluo-forming of Aluminium, the shaping of glued laminated Wood, the multilayer assembly of Steel to enrich the existing technologies.

Quality issues

  • The finishing of the products has been perfected with the integration of Invisible Welding on steel drums, spectro-colouring of aluminium drums, transfer techniques, powder coating of large dimensions…

These technologies have both broadened the range of catalog products and opened up the field of creativity for each of your projects.

Timing issues

  • Creation of Project Manager positions dedicated to the follow-up of the most complex projects…

The evidence of our responsibility as an industrial company in terms of the environment has also led us to make more demands…

Environmental issues

  • Opening in 2008 of a “0” reject thermo-lacquering line.
  • Implementation of a carbon offsetting process, the ZEP.
  • Optimization of deliveries on the territory by integrating them into a tour schedule.
  • ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2012.
  • Implementation of the Lean Management method aimed at eliminating anything of no value to our customers.